The Brad McMullan Show

When my good friend, former colleague and Emmy-winner Brad McMullan left television a few years ago to start his own business, I must admit that I was blown away.  After all – he is one of the best newscasters I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing on air.  And if you are unfamiliar with him, he is the only victim of Borat who came out smelling like roses in his hit movie.  If you’ve seen the entire footage of the morning show where Borat was being interviewed by Brad, you could tell that Sasha Baron Cohen was getting frustrated because Brad wouldn’t lose his composure.  With a genuine approach to delivering information and none of fake persona that you many times are used to seeing on and off air, Brad looked like he was poised to take over the airwaves.  Well good news – now he’s back!  Brad is now hosting his own show – The Brad McMullan Show which has great potential to be a hit family-friendly talk show in syndication.  With great self-effacing sketches and interviews with local celebrities and sports stars, Brad has found the perfect opportunity to join us in our living rooms once again. 

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