New in Home Entertainment – July 2, 2013

New in Home Entertainment

July 2, 2013

Into the White
Rated R for language
Available on DVD and Blu-ray

Since Harry Potter we’ve seen much of Hermione and Harry in various films, but Ron (Rupert Grint) has chosen much more obscure projects like this little indie about British and German airmen shot down over snow-covered Norway and forced to cohabitate in a small mountain cabin until it is safe to travel.  Apparently based on a true story, the tale has potential and the movie gets you interested in the characters but even though the actors do a fine enough job, it still feels like something is missing.  I can’t say the film is completely boring, but there is definitely a lack of energy in the filmmaking.  Perhaps part of the problem is that the film’s blu-ray cover promises air battles and action, and every moment of the film actually takes place on the ground after the battles are over, all in overly dramatic fashion.  C

Death by China
Available on DVD

This documentary based on the book by Peter Navarro explores our very complex relationship with China and how it is destroying America.  Whether from our manufacturing jobs disappearing or the slow wave of polluted air coming to us via the jet stream, China, if you are to believe this film, is having a very negative effect on many aspects of our lives.  Yes the movie feels very much like propaganda, but that being said it is still effective.  Much of the information is believable, although slanted to the right of the political spectrum.  Many complain that this is a very one-sided documentary, but I’m not sure that is completely accurate.  After all, we have all seen the effects of our lost jobs hit home in a very hard way and the positives of our relationship with China aren’t very apparent.  B

The Producers
Available on new Blu-ray/DVD Combo

In 1967 Mel Brooks came on the movie scene in a big way with this infamous comedy about two Broadway producers (Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel) who set off to make a show so bad that it would be sure to flop and make them rich in the process after they cook the books.  Unfortunately, their musical comedy about WWII, titled “Springtime For Hitler,” becomes a huge surprise hit, which is the worst thing that could happen to them.  Winning Brooks the Oscar for best screenplay and Wilder a nomination for supporting actor, this film almost mimicked the movie when a universally offensive comedy achieved international fame.  Even today the movie comes off as edgy and hilarious.  I wish the new blu-ray set had new features to go along with it, but the previously released features found here will have to do until the next special edition.  A