Bolt – Disney Wants Back in the Game


Starring the voice talent of John Travolta, Miley Cyrus, and Mark Walton
Directed by Byron Howard and Chris Williams
Rated PG for some mild action and peril
riate for all ages

    Bolt is a genetically engineered super dog that has powers that he uses to protect his owner, a young girl named Penny.  At least that’s what Bolt thinks.  Ever since he was put into a TV show, he is fully convinced of his special abilities and the director wants him to believe it so bad that he never makes it apparent to Bolt that he’s just an actor.  When he thinks that his owner has been kidnapped, he escapes from the studio in order to travel from New York to Hollywood in the hopes of rescuing her.

    Story-wise, this is a very clever movie with well-developed characters and strong voice talent.  Travolta ended up being a terrific choice for Bolt, but stealing every scene he was in was Rhino the hamster, voiced by story artist Mark Walton.  I will even go as far as to say that Rhino is the best animated film side kick since Aladdin.  Between the great script and the fast pace of the film, most kids and their parents should find Bolt to be a very entertaining film experience.

    What trumps these kudos, however, is the artistry of the film making.  This is one amazing looking film with huge attention to the smallest details.  I’m not sure how the 2D version will play, but the 3D print I saw is one of the most vibrant, beautiful looking films I can recall.  And while they are two completely different movies, I’d put Bolt up against Wall-E any day for pure aesthetics.  Bolt is a winner and proof that Disney Animation is really trying to catch up to Pixar in both story quality and animation.     A