The Incredible Hulk – Superhero Makes a Big Thud

The Incredible Hulk     C

Starring Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, and William Hurt
Directed by Louis Leterrier (Transporter 2)
Rated PG-13 for sequences of action violence, some frightening images and brief suggestive content
Appropriate for ages 13+

The Story: Following up where Ang Lee’s Hulk left off, mild-mannered Bruce Banner (Norton) is living in Brazil, desperately trying to find a cure to his predicament of turning into a giant green behemoth.  Meanwhile his now ex-girlfriend’s father, General Ross (Hurt) is desperately trying to track Bruce down in order to do research on how to use his disease as a weapon.  Banner and Betty Ross (Tyler) reunite in order to both help cure Bruce and escape from her father. 

The Good: While I liked Eric Bana in the first film, the choice of Norton here is a good replacement.  While it seems he isn’t in the film that much, the moments you do see him are pretty interesting. 

I also enjoyed the new villain Abomination (Roth).  While the fight scene at the end looked too much like a video game, I still found his gluttony for power to be the nice makings for a good villain. 

The Bad: Call me silly, but I thought that the Hulk looks too pretty.  Should the green beast have nice features, gorgeous eyes, and a fashionable haircut?  It’s an artistic choice that I just don’t understand.

On a more serious note, the script was just too bland.  I understand that a lot of the film was cut short in order to help the pacing, the running time, and to make the film more reliant on action rather than story, but it seems like the whole film can be summed up as ‘General Ross chases the Hulk.’  I think they could have found a better plot line than this, since the first one focused on the same thing. 

Other than Norton, I thought the acting was not the greatest.  Hurt was simpling phoning in the part.  Tyler gives the single-most annoying performance of her career, and Roth just had to act crazy (not a stretch).  Maybe it was the weak script that gave the actors nothing to work with, or maybe the casting director was more worried with getting big names than collecting the right cast. 

The Summary: Me no like new Hulk much. 

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  1. Wait- do you mean to tell we the public that you think the Hulk is “Pretty”?

    Have any more juicy details ’bout your closet fetishes you’d care to share?



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