The Golden Compass – Kingdom of Confusion

Starring Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Dakota Blue Richards
Directed by Chris Weitz (About a Boy)
Rated PG-13 for sequences of fantasy violence
Appropriate for ages 13+

The Story: In a parallel universe to our own, a young girl named Lyra (Richards) travels to the north to rescue her friend.  While on the run from her captor (Kidman) she befriends an ice bear and unearths a plot to kidnap and reprogram children.

The Good: It appears that Newline spared no expense for the special effects budget of this film.  The look of the film is absolutely stunning and at times a joy to view.  As a lover of polar bears, I especially enjoyed the Kingdom of the Ice Bears and the scenes in the North.  I also found the daemons a very imaginative group of characters.

The Bad: I am still not sure what this story is about.  It’s a mess that makes no sense.  There is something about Dust and the ability to visit other universes, but this is never fully revealed. 
I was quite shocked that the movie is so incomplete.  They left it wide open with zero closure or resolution.  This could be a huge mistake if the film doesn’t make enough money to warrant a sequel.  Time will tell. 
Also, forget about the Catholic church and the controversy they are stirring up.  I didn’t see anything particularly objectionable and wonder if Newline is publicizing their comments in order to bring the film into the public eye. 

The Summary: This is a classic case of eye candy that doesn’t taste too good.