Evan Almighty – Evan’s Good Heart Doesn’t Beat Strong Enough To Keep Film Alive

Evan Almighty C-
Rated PG for mild rude humor and some peril
This sequel to Bruce Almighty brings Morgan Freeman back as God, and this time he has a mission for anchorman-turned-politician Evan Baxter, played by Steve Carell.  When Evan appears for duty in congress, God suddenly wants him to drop his job and build an Ark.  When thousands of animals, all in pairs, start to follow him wherever he goes, the world starts to think that he is crazy and that it’s time for a new congressman.  

I have to admit that I absolutely love Steve Carell and think that he is a brilliant comedian.  That being said, he doesn’t show it here.  While I can appreciate the premise, I can’t see how this was the best they could do with it.  The writing is poor and the ideas, aside from the concept, are moronic.  Small children and their parents might like the movie due to its family-oriented nature, but most audiences will be turned off due to its simplicity and flat-out stupidity.  Among the things I hated the most about the pic is that throughout the film, there is this little “dance” Carell likes to do, and it gets worse and worse until you are so annoyed that you can’t wait to run from the theater.  Across the board, it’s just plain lazy film making. 
So while the film has a good heart, it’s arteries are filled with cheese.

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  1. I’ve read a few one liners about Evan A.
    Yours, hands down, is the best; you get the prize.

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