New on DVD

New on DVD

Edge of Darkness
Rated R for strong bloody violence and language
Available on DVD and Blu-ray

Mel Gibson is a Boston cop whose grown daughter is gunned downed right in front of him.  As he tries to discover why men would want him dead and accidentally kill his daughter instead, he starts to learn things about his daughter and her involvements that lead him to an unimaginable conclusion.  This is first-rate thriller that really gets your blood boiling and doesn’t let you down.  If you are ignoring this one because you think it is going to be a typical revenge flick – think again.  It’s not even close.  It’s a murder mystery with far-reaching implications that leaves you thinking about our own world and especially our own government.  There is a strong message attached to the film that makes this not just a thrilling movie, but an important one as well.  A-

Tooth Fairy
Rated PG for mild language, some rude humor and sports action
Available on DVD and Blu-ray

Dwayne Johnson is minor league hockey player whose rough antics on the ice have earned him the nickname “The Tooth Fairy” due to the amount of teeth he has knocked out.  Having lost out on his own dream of maintaining his stardom in the NHL, he loves to crush other kids’ dreams as well until he is sentenced to one week of actual Tooth Fairy duty, complete with a tutu and magic wand.  If you are like like me then just the thought of this film makes you cringe.  You just know it’s going to be plug-into-the-formula family film with a dumb premise.  And for the most part you’d be right.  This film ain’t great.  But while it’s not great, I think it’s a compliment to say that a film like this is not horrible.  There is some merit to it.  Johnson is a dynamic actor and is capable of salvaging projects like this and with costars like Ashley Judd, Stephen Merchant and Julie Andrews, there are some likable moments.  And just like he does in The Princess Bride, Billy Crystal comes in and kills in a terrific and memorable scene that most people will sit back and ask years from now “what was that Rock movie Billy Crystal was so funny in?”  C

Mel Brooks Collection
Available on Blu-ray

A few months back Twentieth Century Fox released a blu-ray box set of most of Mel Brooks’ films, but slowly afterward they have been releasing the individual titles (with the same features).  On blu-ray this week comes the classics: History of the World: Part 1, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, and High Anxiety.  All three have features from the original laser disc editions, plus new specials on how the films were made and what set them apart from the rest of the comedies of their times.  History of the World:Robin Hood: A-  High Anxiety: B

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