New on DVD

New on DVD

Rated R for some language
Available on DVD and Blu-ray

In 1977, three years after leaving office, President Richard Nixon agreed to sit down and air it out with little-known British TV personality David Frost.  Nixon thought that Frost would be an easy interview.  History shows he was was wrong.  Ron Howard’s Oscar-nominated film tells the fascinating story of this historic event.  With amazing acting, writing, and production, this is a film that is a must watch now that it is hitting DVD.  The history buffs out there will appreciate the hours of historical extras on the Blu-ray version, including archival interview footage not found on the DVD release.  A

Unrated but intended for adults
Available on DVD

Now that the epic television series Battlestar Galactica is over with (and my how impressive it was), the folks responsible decided to make a prequel movie of sorts for the Sci-Fi Channel that looks at life on the planet Caprica more than 50 years before the events of the series.  This movie, starring Eric Stoltz, follows a scientist that tries to communicate with his daughter after she has been killed by a terrorist attack.  When he discovers that she still exists in a cyber world of her creation, he attempts to do anything he can to bring her back.  If you are fan of the show, you will most likely love this spin-off story.  It is well-written, well-acted, and the production values make it look much more expensive than it could have been.  While this is only the kick-off for a future series on the sci-fi channel, it plays well enough by itself in this format.  B

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