Rated PG for cultural and maternal nudity throughout
Appropriate for all ages

Babies is a documentary that takes a look at the first year of the lives of four children from around the world including one each from Mongolia, Tokyo, Namibia, and San Francisco.  

Perhaps the cutest movie ever made, Babies is stuffed full of some of the greatest images you will ever see of the most adorable kids a camera could capture.  If you thought the film was going to show you that although our worlds are far apart, our love for children is something we all have in common, then you have it partly right.  The film also does a terrific job at showing how culturally different our worlds truly are.  Through pieces of their lives, we see what it is like to grow up in each of their respective countries and speaking as someone who is about to have his own baby any day now, there are pieces of each of their worlds I would like for my first baby.  OK, maybe not Namibia.  It was pretty primitive.  But I really did love seeing these children age a year over ninety minutes and was as entertained as could be.  

The one thing you won’t really get here that might have been interesting was a story.  The filmmakers chose to use images and sounds rather than story, which will probably work out fine for them financially, but a narrative here with these amazing pieces of imagery could made for a more compelling movie.  B

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