City Island

City Island

Starring Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies, and Emily Mortimer
Directed by Raymond De Felitta
Rated PG-13 for sexual content, smoking and language
Appropriate for ages 13+

    Prison guard Vince Rizzo wants desperately to be an actor, but he is so ashamed to let his wife know, that he would rather let her think he was playing poker than taking acting classes.  When he discovers that his son from another woman (whom he has never met or spoken of) is in his prison, he brings him home to stay with his family, without telling any of them (including the son) that they are related.  What the new son sees as a fresh observer is that the lies from each of the family members become thicker and thicker until there is no where left to go, with total destruction the seemingly only destination in sight. 

    Not knowing what kind of film this was going to be going into it, but knowing what kind of actor Andy Garcia is, I did not expect to laugh myself silly.  But that I did.  I had no idea Garcia and Margulies had it in them to be this absolutely funny, but their timing here is tremendous and I was in stitches. 

    The story itself seems simple at first, only with a few quirks thrown in.  But then the tale becomes ever more complex and enjoyable.  It’s hard to get past the fact that the comedy here is all caused by a man who can’t tell the truth, even when it’s in his best interest.  I think 99.9% of fathers and husbands would have said something before they brought a hot convict home to hang around their hot daughter and hot wife.  Sure it adds even more humor to the climax of the film, but who would let it go that far?  Then again, if it’s all about the laughs, the correct decisions were made and the film turned out just fine.  B+

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