Rachel Getting Married – Wedding Bliss

Rachel Getting Married

Starring Anne Hathaway, Rosemary DeWitt, and Debra Winger

Directed by Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs)

Rated R for language and brief sexuality

Appropriate for ages 17+

When you first hear that legendary director Jonathan Demme’s latest film is a hand-held movie about an ex drug-addict one conjures the images of Cloverfield and Blair Witch, but that could not be farther from the case here in this beautiful family story.  Anne Hathaway, in what is sure to garner an Oscar nomination, is Kym, an ex junkie that manages to get out of rehab for a weekend to attend her sister’s wedding.  The low-budget, hand-held look of the film here is not used to make it’s audience nauseous, but rather to give the look of a home-made family video that we are fortunate enough to get a chance to watch.  The excitement is getting to share in the family’s joy as they watch the wonderful couple get married, and a magnificent and unique wedding weekend it is.  The pain comes in Kym’s handling of her disease, her secret past, and her constant trouble-making, whether intended or accidental.  And while the pain will make you shed a tear, it’s the happiness that will require the most hanky usage.  I would have never thought that a drama about a wedding would have me this engaged, but due to Hathaway’s electrifying performance, the brilliant directing by Demme, and the gentle yet powerful script by Jenny Lumet, Rachel Getting Married had me engrossed from beginning to end.     A

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  1. I will surely watch this movie. I’ve heard some positive reviews about this one. Anne Hathaway is really a good actress. I admire her for trying different/challenging roles, just in Brokeback Mountain. 🙂

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