Fool’s Gold – 10 Reasons Not To See This Film

Fool’s Gold     D

Starring Matthew McConaughey, Kate Hudson, Donald Sutherland and Ray Winstone
Directed by Andrew Tennant (Hitch)
Rated PG-13 for action violence, some sexual material, brief nudity and language
Appropriate for ages 15+

The Story: A newly divorced couple, McConaughey and Hudson, attempt to find a treasure that has been buried for almost 300 years.  In their way is a rap mogul that not only wants the treasure, but wants them dead as well.

The Good: The aesthetics look professional.  This is a well shot film with lots of good action sequences and a whole lot of well-toned skin from its actors and actresses. 

The Bad: 1) This is a romantic comedy that is neither romantic nor funny.  2) The script is abysmal.  3) The plot is laid out like a bad Scooby Doo episode.  4) The villains are cookie cutter goof balls.  5) The two best actors in the film (Sutherland and Winstone) turn in the two worst performances.  6) The sidekick played by Ewen Bremner (Trainspotting) is a useless waste of script.  7) At two hours in length, this pic is thirty minutes longer than any bad rom-com has the right to be.  8) Donald Sutherland’s laughable accent.  9) The subplot between Sutherland and his Paris Hiltonesque daughter makes me cringe.  10) There is very little chemistry between McConaughey and Hudson, and yet they make another movie together.  

The Summary: This is a good Valentine’s Day to stay home and rent a real romantic comedy.

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